Lucky Girl With Her CEO Husband

Lucky Girl With Her CEO Husband

By:  Lou Xiaoyi  Completed
Language: English
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Everyone in Yunzhou City knew that no one would like to marry Su Ziyue, the notorious second lady of the Su Clan. Therefore, she had to try her best to find someone to marry her all by herself. But when she finally succeeded, her husband was, sadly, a man with nothing, no property, no car, not to mention any savings; it would be a too embarrassing topic to talk about. Yet out of everyone's expectation, all of a sudden, her husband turned out to be the CEO of L. K Group, a famous European financial tycoon and an absolute big shot with great fortune and power. Su Ziyue was totally shocked by this. "Didn't you say you have no house?" "I don't have one in Yunzhou City." "You said your car was borrowed!" "Oh, later I had given it to a man who worked for me." She got so angry, "You liar! I want to divorce you!" Qin Muchen squinted his eyes as he threatened, "How dare you be irresponsible…" Su Ziyue immediately yielded, "No, …I dare not."…

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isabel Ah Wong
2023-07-28 23:37:52
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Lisa Craig
Great reading
2021-07-27 15:23:19
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Hanz Anne Arcilla
xa ;'kcj nk
2021-06-23 19:51:46
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2021-06-11 15:42:01
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2021-06-11 15:00:26
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Tusran Foyadi
2021-06-11 14:58:14
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Septri H
hmmmmm interesting
2021-06-11 14:49:55
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Olly Ethu
Bit lengthy.. but nice story
2021-05-05 02:20:49
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Keaith Roxannhe
hmm... Interesting.
2021-05-02 06:30:03
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Eva Maurice
Very good reading, one of my favorites.
2021-04-30 20:49:22
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Olly Ethu
I loved it...
2021-04-22 21:37:25
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Elaine Foreman
2021-04-10 11:15:02
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Ellen Reiter Sendobry
There must be some mistake, how can this be the end! So disappointed if you don’t finish!
2021-03-20 07:27:53
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Joolz Emery
I'm completely lost...very stretched out atm I'm were felicity is involved and 3 guts attacking her on the beach....think its being extended in the wrong way? love the story until now?
2021-03-20 03:02:05
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1500 Chapters
Chapter 1
At the gate of Jade Palace, a fancy club in Yunzhou City, stood a young lady, wearing a red skirt with her long curly hair cascading on her shoulder.Making sure everything was ready, Su Ziyue finally moved inside.When she walked to one of the private rooms in the club, a waiter came forward to open the door and gestured her to come in with great respect. Su Ziyue turned to take a glance at the waiter, as her red lips curved upwards slightly and said, “Thank you.”She felt pleased seeing the waiter's blushed face as he walked away, and then turned to step into the room.She indifferently looked around the room with her watery eyes. Her gaze fell upon a woman who was in a knee-length white dress and had long black hair. It was her cousin, Su Yige. Right then, her cousin was talking to someone else as her head turned sideways a little. She looked really gentle and kind. Sure, that was how strangers would think about her.It had been four years since they last met. Her cousin still
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Chapter 2
Then no one cared about the handsome man.Feeling Su Ziyue’s eyes gazing at him, he lifted his head. His eyes were as distant and dark as a mountain in the shadow of the night, mysterious and dangerous. His face was so beautiful with delicate figures, but also cold and aloof, almost suffocating her. ‘This man has an aura of power,’ she thought.Then the man lowered his head to look at the glass of wine in his hand attentively; something different flashed through his eyes.Su Ziyue, who also had a glass of wine in her hand, shook the glass a little.Then she shook off Young Master Mu's hand with disgust, headed straight to the man, and took the wine from his hand. She lifted the wine in front of Young Master Mu and sneered wickedly at him, "It’s just a glass of wine. Keep your words, Young Master Mu."After that, she drank up the wine and cast the glass aside, then darted a look full of hate to Su Yige before going out to leave.The man in black looked Su Ziyue disappearing at the
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Chapter 3
Su Ziyue looked at Qin Muchen in disbelief. She knew there was something wrong with the wine offered by Mu Ninghui. But how come his wine was also drugged?Did they want to drug Qin Muchen, too?'Last night she couldn't be more careful. But she felt dizzy and fainted out before she could manage to run far away when Young Master Mu ran after her with his helpers. What happened next was also a blur. Recalling all those things, she could not help feeling a splitting headache."You drank that wine willingly. I don't remember what happened next, either," Qin Muchen said with a cold face and somewhat of a questioning tone; it sounded like he was blaming her. He seemingly was not a talkative man.Su Ziyue glared at him. ‘Was he blaming me for drinking his "roofie"? Well, if he was really that smart, how could he be drugged too?’ she sneered in mind." Knock, knock. "The knocking on the door interrupted her mind. Qin Muchen went to open the door and came back quickly. He threw a bag to
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Chapter 4
Outside the door.The journalists didn't leave. What's more, a group of people from Su Clan showed up too. Su Yige, in her white dress, was very conspicuous in the crowd.Su Ziyue lifted her chin, and headed straight to her cousin. Before she could say anything, Su Yige started to shed crocodile tears and said, "Ziyue, why did you do this? I still remembered when you were in senior high school… Ow!""Slap--"Su Ziyue lifted her hand and slapped her cousin hard on her face heavily.She knew it quite well that Su Yige, the first lady of the Su Clan, worked very hard to maintain her graceful and innocent image, like a beautiful white lotus emerging from the muddy waters, so that all those affluent young men would adore her; yet, Su Ziyue, the second lady of the family, whose reputation was already ruined, was a discourteous and disrespectful bitch in people's eyes.Therefore, She would dare to slam Su Yige on her face right in front of everyone. Just because she knew that Su Yige wo
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Chapter 5
At the gate of Su Clan's villa.Su Ziyue got off from the car with no facial expression.Since she was going to meet Su Youcheng, Su Ziyue, in a simple dress, chose not to wear any make-up or anything bright-colored. Hopefully, these slight changes could ease her grandfather’s anger a little bit. After all, other than being scolded, she came here with a purpose this day.Taking a deep breath, Su Ziyue made big strides into the villa.When she entered the hall, she saw the whole family sitting together with Su Youcheng in the middle, and Su Yige sitting obediently next to him. They were talking and laughing."Grandfather, I am back home," Su Ziyue greeted.The smile on Su Youcheng's face disappeared immediately, and his eyebrows were tightly knotted as if he saw something disgusting. "Damn it! Do you still remember this is your home? I'm absent for only one day! Look what you have done!" he scolded.Then, Su Youcheng threw a pile of photos in front of Su Ziyue. Those photos were
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Chapter 6
Su Youcheng squinted at her. Though he did not want to give her shares, he already gave his word out. What was done could not be undone.“Of course! If you could find someone willing to marry you, the shares are yours!” said Su Youcheng.“Thank you, grandfather.”Su Ziyue smiled. ‘Even if everyone wants to bully me, I would never surrender!’ she said to herself in mind and bowed to Su Youcheng, then left with big strides.Back in the car, Su Ziyue felt desperate.She was already a notorious woman in the upper class. Even now, the rumor of her getting an abortion during high school still remained the topic of some very juicy gossip.Yunzhou City was big, but it was really not easy to find someone willing to marry her.…Thinking of this, Su Ziyue could not concentrate on driving.“Bang!” Su Ziyue finally came back to herself suddenly till her car rubbed the car beside. ‘Oh, my! Pay for compensation again!’ she moaned to herself.Su Ziyue’s eyebrows were tightly knotted as she g
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Chapter 7
Then, the car drove fast forward as Qin Muchen turned the steering wheel with his lean palm. Su Ziyue stared at his handsome side face for quite a while. Finally, she came back to her mind and said, “The Rolls-Royce…”“Someone else will take care of it.”…In Civil Affairs Bureau.“Fill the forms first then take photos there…”“Smile please and get closer to each other please…” “…” Till Su Ziyue got out of the Civil Affairs Bureau with her newly printed marriage certificate, finally she remembered to turn back to look at the mysterious and charming man in black, Qin Muchen.“Did you marry me with free will?” asked she.Qin Muchen’s eyes turned darker. He asked with interest, “So… Do you think you can force me to marry you?”Puzzlement flashed through Su Ziyue’s face and her voice was a little indifferent. “Do you know what kind of person I am? What they said yesterday in Jade Palace was all truth. My mother died for giving birth to me! My father is in jail now! And I even ab
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Chapter 8
Su Ziyue was startled for moments thinking of the story of this pair of male slippers. Then she threw them into trash bin and washed her hands to pour water for Qin Muchen. “Well…”“Let’s go shopping.” Qin Muchen interrupted as he seemed not to want to hear her explanation at all.Su Ziyue put down the glass in her hand heavily which made a dull sound. ‘You do not want to hear my explanation? I do not want to explain, either!’ The sound caused Qin Muchen’s attention to her. He stared straightly at her without emotion and he even did not wink. But this really made Su Ziyue feel an inexplicable sense of pressure.She only got this kind of feeling when she was with her grandfather.Su Ziyue could not help but feel weird as she always felt that Qin Muchen was not so simple. She really did not know if it would be a weal or woe to be with him.But, at this moment, it was the best choice to get married with him. Maybe they knew each other a little bit because of that night they spent to
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Chapter 9
“Long time no see.”Su Ziyue answered numbly. She just pinched her hands subconsciously to make herself sober.By her side, Qin Muchen stared at his empty arm. His deep and dark eyes flickered and his thin lips zipped into a line.He had a subtle expression of hostility, but immediately hid it, so that nobody noticed that.“Yueyue, why don’t you introduce this gentleman to me?”Qin Muchen got Su Ziyue by her shoulder naturally and flipped the long and curly hair flowing over her chest. They looked quite intimate.The word, “Yueyue”, made Su Ziyue a little startled as no one called her like this since her father was put in prison.Su Ziyue turned her head numbly and saw Qin Muchen’s motionless face. Finally, she realized that the man she was looking at was her newly married husband.And it would never be possible for her to be with the man standing opposite to her…Thanks to the troubles Su Ziyue got into during these years in the Su Clan, she learned fast and was very good at
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Liked Him Secretly in Her HeartIn a clothes store.Su Ziyue was sitting on the sofa with a magazine in her hand but her mind was drifting away.During the four years abroad, she did not pay close attention to any news of Gong Zeyang, nor did she meet him. However, she did not expect that she would meet him under such a situation.Knowing that Gong Zeyang was engaged to Su Yige, Su Ziyue had a clear estimation of herself, so she only liked him secretly in her heart.It was said t
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