Devils Beside Me
Devils Beside Me
Author: Belle Cassy



“Sis, why am I ugly? Why am I different from you?” my younger sister, Xhin, interrogated, and I secretly put my hands behind my back and clenched them into a fist.

I knew it was hard, and it was hard for me too. I caressed her head and painted an impostor smile on my lips, “You are not ugly, Xhin, you are beautiful just as I am, it’s just because you are sick, but I will find a way to cure you,” I explained to her and I was expecting that she would understand me, but what she did is to swiveled her eyes and turned away her head from me. It bitterly hurt me from the bottom of my heart. It was the first time that she did it to me.

“You’re a liar!” she uttered which I never visualized to hear from her.

Time stopped, and I couldn’t condone her absurd words, “Me? A liar?” … “Since when?”

I glanced at my sister’s face and tried to have a talk with her... but she just kept rolling her eyes and facing away. My hear cried. Did she hate me? Is she that mad? But why?

“Xhin,” I called her name and moved in front of her. She pulled her blanket, laid down, and covered her face, she was shunning me. 

“Xhi-Xhin,” I had broken speech as I called her again.

“You should go now,” I heard her whisper, but she was still not showing her face to me.

"Xhin," I said and pulled her blanket but she grabbed it back on her face as she glared at me.

My heart collapsed, and then I suspired, "Xhin, listen to me, you are not ugly. I will definitely make you beautiful,” I smiled, and tried enough not to cry nor to make my voice weak and easy to be evident.

“Just go!” her voice was rude as she pushed me away. Since when did she become too hard to handle?

“But, Xhin...” I bit my lips and tried to pull again her blanket and explain things to her, but my tongue got stuck in the middle of my mouth when I heard someone was coming.

I faced the door.

“Orhexia!” she screamed out boisterously.

“Orhexia, don’t dare to run away from me again! I will surely catch you!”


I could hear her heavy feet that was echoing inside this wooden old house, which more likely not a home for me, it was more like a dungeon, I couldn't breathe because of her.

“I need to leave, Xhin, see you later,” I whispered and stood up.

“Orhexia!” I felt like there was an earthquake on the way as she walked towards Xhin’s room, and I won’t let her catch me. I climbed on the window and before I jumped out, I glanced at Xhin’s once more and gritted my teeth.

“I am not a liar, Xhin, you are beautiful,” I whispered in my head, then jumped and eluded away as fast as I could- as quickly as the sun’s ray before she could lay her hands on me again.


I ran in the crowd making sure my mom’s boyfriends won’t catch me, and when I couldn’t trace them anymore, I walked through a narrow street down the city near a big bank building and wore my mask, walked faster to make sure I was at home before midnight.

“Hey, beautiful, woah, woah, woah, don’t walk too fast,” a man said as he grabbed me backward.

“Who are you?” I asked and he gave me a smirk, a perverted smirk, disgusting... and I knew that I was in danger.

“Someone, who wanted to grab some coffee with yah,” he bit his lower lip and looked at me from head to toe with pleasure in his glances. I tried to pull my hand but he was gripping it too tight.

I lifted my chin, tried to be brave, and sharpened my eyes on him, I exclaimed, “Put away your sinful hands on me or else…” he cut me off, “Or else what? You will shout for help? Fight me? Haha, ” he said and moved his head near my ears. I could feel his warm breath, then I cracked my fingers… How could I escape? His hand was still holding me.

I shuddered when he blew in my ear, “This is a place which people don’t usually like to pass through for it is dangerous, I bet you know that, but you still brave to walk here, beautiful,” he said those words as creepy as he could, making sure my feet would go numb and my heart would race too fast that I couldn’t chase it, and he didn’t fail, I was scared to death that I couldn’t even make a sound. My voice was gone, it all went inside my brain.

When he moved his head to look at my face again, he gave me the same smirk that he did before.

“Am I going to die? Or he will harass me and leave me alive?  I hope he would just kill me or else I could never live my life as normal as before, I could never bear to carry this dirty body of mine after this,” my brain cried and I was freaking out inside.

“What am I supposed to do now?”

 It was not actually my intention to walk past here but the time was ticking fast, and I should be home on time because I was more in danger at night, that was why I decided to take this short cut but I ended up like this. Why on earth that it has to be me?

“So,” he chuckled, “Hahahaha, you became frightened too suddenly when you were just too brave a while ago,” he said, he was making fun of my emotion, I guessed.

“So, what am I gonna do with you?” he whispered and looked at my eyes. He slowly put my hair behind my ears and grinned, “You are a true beauty,” he paused and looked at my lips… “You have natural eyes, lips, nose, and everything of you looks all-natural. I caught a golden fish, then, hahaha,” he laughed and when his hands moved down my shoulder, I held his hand to stop him.

“Don’t ever try to touch me,” I groaned and he chuckled.

“You are ama…” I didn’t dare to listen to him and quickly kicked him, and he got hurt and accidentally let go of my hands. I took that chance to run away but he caught my hair.

“You…” he tried to slap or punch me, I guessed, I wasn’t sure but all I could see was he was about to hit me, but then someone just held his hand and the man got startled.

“How dare you interrupt me!” he groaned and tried to punch him, but the man moved too fast and blocked his attack. He held the pervert’s one hand and put it behind his back, and pushed his head forward.

“Dirty human,” the man who helped me whispered, and then he pushed the pervert guy. He ran away and I could finally breathe. But then, it was strange, I wasn’t sure but I guessed the man’s eyes just turned green when he said those words, or am I just seeing things? I was confused, but maybe there was a flash of light that flashed on his eyes and I was just overreacting.

“Are you okay?” the man who saved me asked, and I looked at him. I’m above his shoulder, he's tall and has curly hair.

“Are you okay?” he repeated and before I could thank him, I heard the City Clock Tower Rang and I knew I shouldn’t be out here at that hour.

“No, it’s already 10 o’clock,” I whispered and ran away, all I thought was I needed to go home, I had to.

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