Chapter 1016 You Are The Love Of My Life

Jiang Sese looked at the passing scenery outside the window and frowned slightly, deep in thought.

Jin Fengchen glanced at her, and asked, “What's the matter?”

Jiang Sese turned to meet his caring gaze, the corners of her mouth curled slightly. “It's nothing. I just feel like Yuanyuan is different.”

“Why do you say that?”, asked Jin Fengchen.

“It feels like she thinks I am unworthy of you.” Jiang Sese's tone was a little low when she said this.

Jin Fengchen's eyes narrowed slightly. What was Shangguan Yuan trying to pull?

“Fengchen, do I cause you a lot of trouble?”

Jiang Sese spoke in a low voice. She lowered her head, not daring to look at him, for fear of hearing an affirmative answer.

The atmosphere in the car turned silent.

A moment later, Jin Fengchen said, “No.”

“Really? You’re not saying that just to comfort me, are you?” reconfirmed Jiang Sese again.

It did seem like she had always brought him trouble.

Jin Fengchen’s lips curled into a smile as he stared at her ten
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