Chapter 1018 Show Our Guest Out

When Jin Fengchen and Fang Yuchen were discussing the new company when Fang Yuchen's cell phone rang suddenly.

It was Shangguan Yuan.

Fang Yuchen smiled apologetically then answered it, “Yuanyuan.”

As soon as he spoke, Shangguan Yuan's anxious voice was heard from the other end, “Sese fainted!”

“What?” Fang Yuchen stood up, shocked.

Jin Fengchen looked up at him, puzzled.

“Where are you?” asked Fang Yuchen.

“At the convenience store downstairs.”

Fang Yuchen hung up, turned around, and hurriedly said to Jin Fengchen, “Fengchen, Sese fainted in the cafeteria.”

Jin Fengchen's expression changed abruptly. He immediately got up and ran out.

When they arrived downstairs and saw Jiang Sese lying on the ground, it felt like he was punched in the chest. He rushed over and picked her up.

His expression was cold as he carried her and instructed, “Gu Nian, have Mo Xie and Han Yu come to the Capital.”

His voice carried an icy coldness, frightening and chilly.

Gu Nian, who had been fol
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