Chapter 1021 New Pathogen

Shangguan Yuan?

Mo Xie thought for a moment. “The name sounds familiar.”

Han Yu exclaimed, “I know her; she is quite famous in the medical research field.”

Mo Xie also recalled, “Yes, she is quite famous. She seems to have won several awards abroad.”

Jin Fengchen pondered for a moment, and asked, “Are her abilities above yours?”

Mo Xie shook his head. “Not necessarily. Everyone specializes in different fields, and it is hard to determine who is better in terms of skill.”

“Would she have a solution to the pathogen?” asked Jin Fengchen again.

“It's hard to say. That requires her to have access to the pathogen.”

Han Yu suspected that Jin Fengchen had some reason for asking.

He then asked, “Young Master, are you planning to have her join our team?”

Jin Fengchen glanced at him, but did not answer. “You guys wait outside.”

Mo Xie and Han Yu could only obey.

As soon as they left the room, Han Yu whispered, “Master can’t seriously want Shangguan Yuan to join us?”

Mo Xie raised his
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Jessica Gainey
He made a deal with Shangguan to cure Sese and he will divorce Sese and marry Shangguan. That’s my prediction, let’s see

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