Chapter 1018 She Likes Fengchen?

Jiang Sese accompanied the two little children to play while Jin Fengchen and the others talked about work matters in the reception area.

“Xiaobao, Tiantian, both of you be quiet, understand?” Jiang Sese instructed.

The two little children protested, but nodded sensibly in the end. “Okay.”

Jiang Sese raised her head to look at Jin Fengchen. He sat on the couch with a serious expression, listening to Fang Yuchen's report.

Even just looking at his side profile, he was so handsome that Jiang Sese could not look away.

Out of the corner of her eye, she inadvertently caught a glimpse of Shangguan Yuan. She shifted her focus to Shangguan Yuan and frowned.

Fang Yuchen was speaking, but the person Shangguan Yuan was looking at was Fengchen.

The way Shangguan Yuan was looking at him was so familiar.

It was like…like the way she was looking at Fengchen herself.

A look filled with love.

“Sese, there is someone I like.”

“There is someone I like, but he is married.”

What Shanggu
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