Chapter 1024 Who Is Better?

Shangguan Yuan slowly put down her phone and frowned. She had a bad feeling that something was wrong with Jiang Sese.

Recalling the questions Jiang Sese asked, she felt that Jiang Sese knew something.

After much deliberation, she was still uneasy.

She decided to pay a visit to the Fang house. Maybe she could find something out face-to-face.

She turned her car around and drove in the direction of the old Fang house.

After Jiang Sese hung up the phone, she became very irritable.

She lay on the bed and buried herself under her blanket trying to calm herself down this way.

Without knowing it, she fell asleep.

It was not until there was a sudden knock on the door that she was awakened and sat up in bed groggily.

She rubbed her temples and waited for her dizziness to subside. She then turned to the door and asked, “Who is it?”

“Mistress Sese, it's me.”

It was the housekeeper.

“What’s the matter?”

“You have a guest.”

Jiang Sese frowned. A guest?

She did not know anyone in the C
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