Chapter 1080 Catch Jiang Sese

Catalina stared at Fu Jingyun deadly and clenched both her hands into fists.

The air suddenly became very tense. No one said anything.

After a long time, Fu Jingyun finally broke the silence. “I have my reasons behind my actions. Pretend you didn’t see it.”

“That won’t do,” Catalina said and shook her head, “I will not allow you to harm the research institute.”

She would not allow him to take any risks either.

She knew how scary Bo Gelian was. If he was found out, he would not be above ending their will to live.

“Are you sure about that?” Fu Jingyun asked.

“I’m trying to save you!” Catalina suddenly got aggressive, “Do you know what are you doing? Why are you taking such a risk for Jiang Sese? It’s not worth it. It’s really not worth it!”

“Shut up!” Fu Jingyun scolded angrily. His handsome face stiffened as he glared at her. His cold gaze shot straight at her like cold blades. “I don’t allow you to say that!”

Catalina laughed. She had a mocking smile as she ridiculed, “You don
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Tammy Evans Moore
NO!! They must NOT capture Sese!! Fengchen MUST protect and save her!!

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