Chapter 1082 Listen To Me

“Cousin, are you thinking about something?” Jiang Sese saw Fang Yuchen zoning out and felt puzzled.

Fang Yuchen returned to his senses and smiled. “It’s nothing.”

“Oh, I thought you were thinking about Weiwei,” Jiang Sese said jokingly.

Fang Yuchen smiled helplessly and said, “Why would I be thinking of her?”

“Mm…” Jiang Sese considered carefully before she answered, “Actually, I have an idea. Do you want to hear me out?”

“Say it,” Fang Yuchen told Jiang Sese.

“You don’t like Ye Xiaoyi, right? If so, you can find someone to pretend she’s your girlfriend. With that, you can make Aunty cease her idea of matchmaking you with someone else.”

“Wow,” Fang Yuchen gasped in surprise. “Your idea is actually not bad.”

Jiang Sese raised her chin proudly and said, “Of course. Who do you think I am?”

“You are Jiang Sese, my cousin,” Fang Yuchen replied and flicked Jiang Sese’s forehead lightly. He said in a no-good tone, “Getting someone else to play as my girlfriend. I’m amazed that you co
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