Chapter 1087 Sese Was Taken Away

“What are you guys trying to do to me?” Jiang Sese asked.

Jiang Sese clenched her fist tightly in the car. She relaxed her fist and looked at Catalina. She said, “I’m only an ordinary woman. What’s the point of taking me?”

“You should understand best how useful you are.” Catalina sneered.

“It’s for the pathogen in my body,” Jiang Sese stated.

When she said that, Catalina felt somewhat surprised. “So you knew,” she said.

“You guys will get your karma,” Jiang Sese said.

Those people researched and invented a harmful pathogen. They were really sinister.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Catalina refuted. As a foreigner, she did not understand what she meant by karma.

“It’s fine if you don’t understand,” Jiang Sese said and turned aside. She looked out the window and put on a calm face.

To be honest, she was panicking at heart. She was terrified, but she refused to display her worries in front of Catalina.

Since the other party came for the pathogen, that meant she woul
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