Chapter 1081 I Miss Mommy

In the end, Jiang Sese and Liang Xinwei both finally found out each other’s names. They also exchanged contacts and made an appointment to bring their children out to play together if they were free.

“I’ll contact you,” Jiang Sese said and waved to Liang Xinwei.

Liang Xinwei, who was about to exit the supermarket, nodded at Jiang Sese shyly. After that, she left.

Jiang Sese stared at the new number she saved in her phone happily and smiled.

She hoped that her new friend would not be like Shangguan Yuan.

Jiang Sese went home after she was done with her grocery shopping. She could hear the sound of her children’s giggles and waves of laughter when she arrived home.

She quickly changed into her home slippers and walked swiftly to the source of the sound.

When she saw Xiaobao and Tiantian, her joy instantly showed on her face. She greeted them happily, “ Xiaobao, Tiantian.”

When the children heard her voice, they both turned around at the same time.


The two little ones
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