Chapter 1204 I Want An Exact Time

He said he believed her, but in his heart, he did not.

Jiang Sese laughed lightly, “Bo Gelian, you’re being paranoid. I wouldn’t even bother trying to lie to you.”

The smile on Bo Gelian’s face instantly froze, and his expression grew somewhat darker.

Jiang Sese turned and smiled apologetically at aJing Liuyue, “Mr. Jing, I apologize. I’m afraid I cannot help you anymore.”

She did not want to give anyone any trouble.

It was best not to drag Jing Liuyue into this.

“Sister… no, Ms. Jiang. Can’t you help me out a little?” Jing Liuyue nearly exposed his relationship with Jiang Sese. Luckily, he managed to catch himself in time.

“I’m sorry.”

Even though Jing Liuyue was very anxious to get her out of there, but Jiang Sese had her reasons for saying what she said so he could not comment much about it.

He could only nod, “Alright, I’ll find someone else then.”

He turned to walk inside, looking at Jiang Sese from time to time, afraid that Bo Gelian would give her a hard time
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