Chapter 1207 Feelings Wait For No One

“I…” Liang Xinwei suddenly did not know what to say.

That was right, what had happened to her?

“Is it difficult to talk about?” Jiang Sese thought that she could not speak, and gently assured her, “Just say it, don’t worry.”

Liang Xinwei’s heart felt even more guilty at how gentle Jiang Sese was, and how she was lying to her.

“Sister Sese, actually I…” She wanted to tell the truth, but Fang Yuchen’s face flashed in her mind, and she could only sigh and said, “I’ve got love problems.”

“Love problems?” Jiang Sese frowned, “What is it? Could you tell me more?”

“I… I’ve got someone I like.” Liang Xinwei looked down, her hands clenching into fists anxiously.

She actually did like someone, so that was not a lie. It helped her feel a bit better.

Jiang Sese did not push her, and simply looked at her silently.

A while later, she finally said, “Is it someone I know?”

When Liang Xinwei heard this, she looked up and met Jiang Sese’s caring gaze. She looked away in guilt, “Yeah,
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