Chapter 1211 He Is My Man

When Fang Yuchen arrived that evening, he called the butler and asked, “Is Sese back?”


“When did she return?”

“Around noon, with Miss Liang.”

Fang Yuchen frowned, “Miss Liang?”


Fang Yuchen did not continue and went straight upstairs.

Knock, knock...

Fang Yuchen knocked, “Sese, it’s me.”

The door opened a moment later.

“Cousin, why are you back so early?” asked Jiang Sese curiously.

“It was not busy at the office.” Fang Yuchen peeked into the room and asked casually, “I heard that Weiwei came over?”

Jiang Sese raised her eyebrows and teased, “Did you come just to ask this?”

“No.” Fang Yuchen looked a little awkward, “I came to ask how was your little outing today?”

“Hmm…” Jiang Sese pondered, “Very baffling, yet very boring.”

“What do you mean?” Fang Yuchen frowned.

“You know how I was accompanying Weiwei to pick out a gown? We bumped into Ye Xiaoyi, of all people. You know that Ye Xiaoyi, she made things difficult for Weiwei. In the end, we did not manage
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Jessica Gainey
Where did you find the other chapters?
goodnovel comment avatar
Jessica Gainey
Please author don’t do this. Fengchen has always been such a strong and dominant character. Please don’t make portray him to be dumb and stupid and timid. Get shangguan out of this story NOW!!! Fengchen needs to be home with Sese and his children! Please I’m begging you!
goodnovel comment avatar
Angela Stevens
Your story is not making sense because Shanguan Yuan is not an important person in the Capital..

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