Chapter 1209 Very Difficult To Be A Family

Ye Xiaoyi did not think that she would be this blunt. She instantly felt embarrassed and enraged and she exclaimed, “Jiang Sese, don’t think I won’t dare to do anything to you because you’re Yuchen’s cousin.”

Jiang Sese laughed, “This is your real self, isn’t it?”


Ye Xiaoyi only then realized that she was trying to provoke her.

“Ms. Ye, don’t think that just because you act all goody two shoes in front of me, I’ll have a good impression of you. I’ve known your true self from the first time we met.”

Jiang Sese gave her a cold look, and then turned to look at Liang Xinwei, “Since you like this dress, I’ll buy it for you.”

Liang Xinwei shook her head frantically when she heard this, “No, I won’t get it.”

She would not dare to accept such an expensive gift.

“Why not?” Jiang Sese frowned.

“Sister Sese, I acknowledge your intentions, but it’s too expensive, I cannot take it.”

Ye Xiaoyi scoffed in disdain when she heard Liang Xinwei’s words. She said mockingly, “Sin
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