Chapter 1212 Completely Forgotten You

Upon seeing this, Song Yao smiled as if all was normal. “Miss Shangguan, you came prepared.”

“Tell Fang Yuchen that Fengchen is no longer the Fengchen from before. He is my man now. No one can try to take him from me.”

Shangguan Yuan held Jin Fengchen's hand tightly as she said this.

She had finally gotten him to be by her side; she would not let him go that easily.

Song Yao did not want a head-on clash and ordered his people to pull back; the scene formed into a standoff between the two sides.

Fang Yuchen and Jiang Sese arrived just as the two sides were at a stalemate.

The moment she saw Jin Fengchen, Jiang Sese's eyes teared instantly, and she ran toward him subconsciously.

However, she was blocked halfway through.

“Get out of the way!” Jiang Sese shouted loudly.

The person did not budge.

“You get out of the way. Move!” Jiang Sese went crazy, crying and hitting the person.

Her Fengchen was back, right in front of her, but why...why could she not approach him?

She really
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