Chapter 1223 Infiltrating the Shangguan Residence

Very soon, everything progressed quickly with Fang Yuchen’s arrangements.

Jiang Sese lowered her head and followed the butler into the villa.

The butler stopped and had the new maids all line up before he spoke, “From now on, this will be your workplace. Everybody needs to have a clear head and quick feet, got it?”

“Yes.” The newcomers all said in unison.

The butler smiled in satisfaction, “Not bad, you’re all very obedient.”

After that, he walked over to Jiang Sese who was disguised and looked her up and down. There was an inquiring look in his eyes.

The Young Master had especially instructed him to place this girl next to Young Master Fengchen.

He had more or less watched the Young Master grow up, and usually he could guess what the Young Master was thinking. However, this time he really could not tell what was on his mind.

In any case this girl in front of him looked too ordinary, to the point that she would just fade into a crowd and be impossible to be found.

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