Chapter 1229 You Better Follow The Rules

After breakfast, Shangguan Yuan sent Jin Fengchen upstairs before she called for the butler.

“Uncle Zhang, tell me the truth. Who made breakfast today?”

“It’s…it’s the new maid.” The butler still tried to cover for Jiang Sese.

However, Shangguan Yuan was smart and she instantly guessed it. “It’s that Shu Yun girl, am I right?”

The butler could only nod. “Yes.”

Shangguan Yuan’s eyes narrowed, and she said sternly, “Call for her.”

The butler had no choice but to go to the kitchen to call for her.

“Shu Yun, the Young Miss is calling for you.”

When Jiang Sese heard this, she was quite puzzled. “She’s looking for me?”

“She knows that you made breakfast today.”


Was she here to give her trouble just because she prepared breakfast?

The butler sighed. “Don’t ask any more questions. Just go in case she gets angry.”

Helplessly, Jiang Sese could only obey and go see Shangguan Yuan.

Shangguan Yuan sat in the living room, her body leaning against the back of the sof
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