Chapter 1225 Yes, I Like Her

Today was the anniversary of the shopping mall, and it was bustling. There were many customers.

Liang Xinwei basically did not manage to catch a break all day. She was constantly on her feet serving customers.

Even though she wore low-height heels, she was still suffering from the intensity of the work.

She took advantage of a lull in the customers to hide in the changing room and took off her high heels.


She gasped and looked down at her feet. The blisters that formed had already broken, and it made her frown in pain.

Even though it hurt, work still had to go on.

She pulled out some bandaids from her bag, ripped the packaging open and gently placed them on the wounds.

That should do it for a while.


Her manager’s voice called out from outside. She hurriedly replied, “Manager, I’m here.”

A while later, the manager walked in to see her sitting and taking a break. She could not help but feel a little angry.

“What are you doing here? Don’t you kno
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