Chapter 130 A Baseless Rumor

Jiang Sese received a phone call from Jin Fengchen after her dinner.

The phone kept ringing, but Jiang Sese couldn’t bring herself to pick it up. When the ringing finally stopped a few moments later, Jiang Sese heaved a sigh.

She still didn’t know how to face Jin Fengchen. The thought of the conversation with Mother Jin and what had happened a few years ago left Jiang Sese feeling overwhelmed...

That night, Jiang Sese tossed and turned in bed, but sleep escaped her.


The following morning, Jiang Sese was able to calm herself down and went to work as usual.

That project with the Lu Group didn't go through. Lu Zheng eventually moved on from the Jin Group and chose another company. It was almost finalized.

Su Shan commended Jiang Sese openly during the morning meeting and had promised her a generous bonus at the end of the month. Jiang Sese's fellow colleagues had also expressed their appreciation for her work.

The project with the Lu Group was a major one and no one had expect
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