Chapter 129 The Whereabouts of Jiang Sese

Later that night after dinner, the Su and Jin families bid each other farewell outside the restaurant. It was the most harmonious scene. They practically looked like one big family.

The Su parents were chatting happily with the Jin parents.

Su Qingyin said her goodbye to Jin Fengchen with a smile. "I'm off. Don't stay up too late. See you tomorrow."

There was an affectionate look in Su Qingyin's eyes.

"Sure," said Jin Fengchen indifferently.

Meanwhile, they were being observed by several other people. They were from the Lan and Jiang families.

They were also having dinner there and didn't expect to run into the Jin Family.

Jiang Zhen asked in bewilderment, "Isn't Jin Fengchen with Jiang Sese now? Who was that woman?"

Lan Sichen recognized the faces outside after a quick glance. "That's the Su Family and they want to marry their daughter to Jin Fengchen. His parents seem to like that idea, too."

Qin Shuang frowned. She still held a grudge for being kicked out of that banquet th
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