Chapter 134 Her Knight

Seeing that Lan Sichen was going to take Jiang Nuannuan away, Jiang Sese moved into their path. Glancing at Jiang Nuannuan, who had curled up in Lan Sichen's arm, Jiang Sese said in a cold voice, "How about we pull the surveillance video and see if I have really pushed her? I swear I didn't even touch her."

The Jiang Family had provoked her repeatedly, and after Jiang Nuannuan tried to frame her again tonight, Jiang Sese decided that she had had enough.

She was going to clear her name in front of all these people.

Lan Sichen had a grim look on his face. "Jiang Sese, stop making excuses. Everyone here saw it. You pushed Nuannuan when all she did was try to hold your hand and ask you to apologize to your dad. Did you have to do that?"

"I'm going to check the surveillance footage. Are you too scared to do that?"

She knew perfectly well that she had moved away before Jiang Nuannuan could take her hand. She didn't even touch her, let alone push her away.

Jiang Sese's persistence made
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