Chapter 139 The Calculation of the Mother and Daughter of the Su Family

"Yes, sir."

Jin Fengchen started to get busy with his work for the day. There was something he wanted to assign to Su Qingyin. But the assistant said to him, "President, Miss Su has called in sick today."

Hearing that, Jin Fengchen thought of how he had left her alone at the party. He thought about it for a minute and then he licked his lips and said, "Buy some food and supplements and send them to the Su Family."

"Yes, sir," the assistant answered, and then left the office.


Meanwhile, Su Qingyin was sitting on the sofa, watching TV in her pajamas at home.

She wasn't sick at all. She was just a bit bummed out.

Jin Fengchen left her alone last night to go with Jiang Sese. And people were gossiping at the party that Jin Fengchen had already been in love with someone else and it was her, Su Qingyin, who wanted to force them to be an item and there was no such thing as the engagement.

Su Qingyin got back home last night in a terrible mood. She thought she would have had the cha
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