Chapter 142 Would You Rather Have Me Sleep in Your Room?

Jiang Sese took a while to calm down in her room.

While she was looking for an extra quilt, she was thinking about what could have happened to Jin Fengchen. "Why was he so down today?

"Is the company going bankrupt? Did he have a quarrel with his family?" Jiang Sese didn't have an answer. She felt bad having him sleep on the couch, but she only had one room. "Where would I put him if not the sofa? In my bed?"

What was on the TV earlier appeared in Jiang Sese's head again? She put that thought aside in a hurry and carried the quilt out.

The movie was over. Jin Fengchen took the quilt and said, "Thank you."

"Are you sure you'll sleep here?" Jiang Sese asked skeptically.

"Would you rather have me sleep in your room?"

Jin Fengchen looked at Jiang Sese with a smile.

She was flustered hearing that so she escaped to her room.

After she took a shower, Jiang Sese thought about checking on Jin Fengchen in the living room but she didn't do it in the end. She lay on her bed and fell aslee
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