Chapter 140 She Is Not Better Than Su Qingyin

After she left the Su Family's home, Mrs. Jin went back home with a raging temper.

Mr. Jin, sitting on the sofa at home, saw her face and asked, "What happened to you? Did you go to the Sus' place?"

"Yes, I did. Then I heard that our son left the party with Jiang Sese last night and left Qingyin alone. Qingyin was sick today because of it. She didn't even go to work!"

Mr. Jin frowned a bit.


"I wouldn't joke to you about that, would I? Jiang Sese promised me that she would end everything with Fengchen and Xiaobao. Now it's clear that she lied to me. Of course I'm angry about that."

Mr. Jin learned something important from what his wife just told him, then he asked, "Did you talk to Miss Jiang privately?"

No one knew about Mrs. Jin going to see Jiang Sese privately. But now, she didn't have to hide it anymore.

"Yes, I did! Our son didn't want to leave her. I had to find her and tell her in person to stay away from Fengchen and Xiaobao. She promised me, but now it turns
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