Chapter 1435 Private Island

Jiang Sese had not been sleeping well recently. She suffered from bouts of insomnia and had to get up to take a look at the two children constantly.

This had never happened before.

Ever since Tiantian was kidnapped, she had not been able to sleep well.

It was too tiring.

Jiang Sese closed her astringent eyes and wanted to take a nap, but her mind was in chaos and her heart was flustered. She could not calm down no matter what she did.

How could she fall asleep like this?

Seeing her health worsening day by day, Jin Fengchen felt very distressed and knew what was wrong with her, but no matter how he and the others comforted her, it was useless.

She still suffered from insomnia and could not sleep.

On that day, Jiang Sese went straight back to the bedroom as soon as she got home.

Madam Jin hurriedly followed.

“Sese, do you want to have the family doctor examine you?” asked Madam Jin.

Jiang Sese turned around and smiled helplessly. “I just didn't sleep well. It's useless, eve
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