Chapter 1436 Do You Know Li Xi?

During the days on the island, they watched the two children running around every day, their ears were filled with the sound of laughter, and Jiang Sese's mood slowly relaxed.

Her sleep has gradually returned to normal.

Every evening, Jin Fengchen would take Xiaobao and Tiantian to the beach to fish, and they would wait until dusk before returning to the villa.

Although the days were very ordinary and uneventful, it was very satisfying for Jiang Sese.

She liked such peaceful days.

If possible, she hoped that their family could live on this island for the rest of their lives and live a life separate from worldly affairs.

However, she knew it was impossible.

After a week, Jiang Sese felt that she had almost fully recovered, so she proposed to return to Jin City.

“Don't you want to stay longer?” asked Jin Fengchen.

Jiang Sese smiled and shook her head. “No, I'm fine. Besides, the company needs you.”

“If the reason you want to go back is because of the company, we don't have to.
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