Chapter 1443 Not Planning To Count On Him

"Brother, bad news.”

Jin Fengyao opened the door of the Chairman's office and hurried in.

Jin Fengchen raised his head. "What's the matter?"

“The Xinyu Company has been acquired!”

"What?" Fengchen Jin thought he had misheard.

"Someone was a step ahead of us and acquired Xinyu," Jin Fengyao repeated.

Jin Fengchen frowned. "Who?"

"I asked; the person in charge kept silent, but judging from how they looked, it should be our competitor.”

Currently, Shangguan Qian and Crimmings were the only ones opposing the Jin Group.

Jin Fengchen sneered, "It's just a small company."

“Brother, Xinyu has the latest research technology, and it’s now in the hands of Shangguan Qian and Crimmings.”

Jin Fengyao felt depressed.

For the Jin Group, Xinyu was a must-have.

Now they hit a snag halfway through, and the company was acquired by others, completely disrupting the Jin Group's current plan.

"It's all right." Jin Fengchen was not worried about this. “I trust our own research team. They are als
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