Chapter 146 Degrading Gold-Digger

Su Qingyin had always been a woman of action. Since things had already gotten out of her hands and Mother Jin could no longer help, she decided she had to get Jiang Sese away from Jin Fengchen herself.

She had no idea what happened to Jiang Sese that year, and it might be a while before she could find out. It would be a waste of time for her if she just waited around and the investigation turned out to be futile in the end.

Thus, Su Qingyin asked her assistant about the current situation of the Lan Family. Since the Lan Family had been part of the assistant's investigation as well, he was able to give her an answer right away. "Miss, it seems that the Lan Family has been trying to work with our company. They have visited us already, but your father didn't agree to meet them."

Su Qingyin narrowed her eyes. Both the Jiang and Lan families hated Jiang Sese to the core and they might give her a clue of Jiang Sese's whereabouts during that year. Su Qingyin told her assistant right away,
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Im confused..Fengchen and Sese already signed a marriage contract...Why is this fact being left out in the story?

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