Chapter 154 Give Her a Way Out

In the restaurant, Su Qingyin talked about their business plan in an unhurried tone.

The Su Family had started off with a different plan for the bidding, but then the Lan Group proposed to build a hi-tech park on the land, which the Su Group considered to have a lot of potentials. That was why they decided to give the Lan Group a chance.

Lan Sichen said, "Please be reassured. The Lan Group will do our best."

"Of course. I have faith in you, Mr. Lan," said Su Qingyin.

The deal was sealed and an agreement was reached. Lan Sichen looked pleased.

"Miss Su, I'm looking forward to working with you."

Su Qingyin smiled. "Me, too. The Su Group will draw up a contract soon and have it delivered to the Lan Group."

"Thank you very much."

They then had dinner together. Afterward, Su Qingyin carried out her real plan. Before she left, she took out a card from her handbag and handed it to Jiang Nuannuan with a smile. "Miss Jiang, here's a VIP card to the SK Beauty Salon. Tell them I referred
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