Chapter 150 Daddy Wants a Stepmother for Me

Old Qin started to teach Jiang Sese how to make tea properly. Then they talked about the art of tea. The conversations were nice and Jiang Sese was very intrigued. They even played chess.

Jiang Sese knew how to play chess and considered herself an expert. But she completely lost the match to Old Jin.

Jiang Sese smiled awkwardly. "Grandpa Qin, you're so good at this."

Old Qin smiled as well. Yesterday, he lost all three games to Jin Fengchen and was feeling really down because of it. He had been playing chess all his life and he took it hard that he now lost to his own grandchild. Now he was really happy that he beat Jiang Sese.

"Girl, you surely have some talents in chess too. You're very clever."

It was about eight o'clock when they finished playing chess. Jiang Sese was ready to go back.

Old Qin was also leaving so he said, "Let's go. I'm going home too. I can give you a lift."

Jiang Sese thought about it for a minute and didn't refuse.

The car drove to the gate. Jiang Sese g
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Rosas Manunulat Vlog
Nice story. I really love to read this genre but it makes me sad I don't have money to pay it.

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