Chapter 145 Look into Jiang Sese's Past

Jin Fengchen went on picking out clothes. He had expected that Jiang Sese would turn him down, so he said, "I'm just returning your courtesy. You've bought gifts for Xiaobao and it's only natural that I should reciprocate. Don't worry about it."

"But I didn't buy gifts for Xiaobao so that I could get something back from you," said Jiang Sese.

She bought clothes for Xiaobao simply because they looked nice! However, after Jing Fengchen gave in and let her pay for them, he was trying to buy things for her now.

"I know. I'm just making an excuse to buy you something."

Jiang Sese murmured. "You really don't have to do that..."

Moreover, these were expensive clothes! Every single piece had a four-figure price tag, which was several times more expensive than those she had bought for Xiaobao.

Jin Fengchen ignored Jiang Sese's protest and went on selecting clothes, but he knew not to cross the line. In the end, he only bought a few pieces, so that he wouldn't give Jiang Sese too much pres
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