Chapter 1483 Aren't You Surprised?

Jiang Sese gently opened the door of the children's room and walked in at a slower pace.

Going to Xiaobao's bedside, she leaned down to look down at Xiaobao’s cherubic face.

A feeling of happiness suddenly welled up in her mind.

This was her son!

Unable to restrain her excitement, she bent down and gently kissed Xiaobao on the cheek.

Xiaobao opened his eyes.

They looked into each other’s eyes.

Jiang Sese was a little embarrassed. She stepped back slightly, her mouth raised and asked softly, "Why haven't you slept yet?"

"I can't sleep."

If he had fallen asleep, he would not know that his mother would kiss him in secret.

"Want mommy to accompany you?" Jiang Sese asked again.

Xiaobao pursed his lips. "Is that okay?"

"Of course."

When Xiaobao heard this, he shuffled over and Jiang Sese sat on the bed. She stretched out her hand and held him, and looked at him with such tender eyes.

"Xiaobao, today is your great-grandfather's life. As a result, I have realized my wish for man
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