Chapter 1487 Out! Get Out!

After successfully signing the contract with Jin Fengchen, Li Xi was in a great mood and she was singing to herself.

Jiang Cheng pushed the door open and heard the joyful singing.

He raised his eyebrows in surprise and walked slowly towards Li Xi.

"So happy?" He stood in front of Li Xi and looked at her with an amused look.

Li Xi looked up and smiled. "Yes, I am very happy."

"Did it work?" Jiang better ask again.

Li Xi didn't answer, but took out a document from the drawer and threw it at him. "Look for yourself."

Jiang Cheng caught it, gave her a look, and looked down at the documents in his hands. He arched his eyebrows, “A contract?”

"The contract with the Jin Group." Li Xi leaned back against the chair. "Look."

Jiang Cheng carefully read the contract and turned to the last page. When he saw the signature of Jin Fengchen, his mouth curved into a smile, "He signed it. The purpose of our return to China is half completed. "

Li Xi got up, walked to the French window, and lo
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