Chapter 1485 The Contract Has Been Drawn Up

Jin Fengchen was not surprised at Li Xi’s arrival.

He promised to cooperate with the JR Group before, but he did not do anything. Li Xi was obviously in a hurry, so she came in person again.

"Sese, sit and wait for me for a while. I will be back soon."

Jin Fengchen smiled at Jiang Sese as he lifted his foot to go out.

"Can I go with you?" Jiang Sese took his hand.

Looking back, Jin Fengchen smiled gently as he answered, "Yes."

Li Xi sat in the conference room, her mind filled with memories of when she was still Shangguan Yuan.

She deeply remembered the days when Jin Fengchen was with her.

At that time, she was very happy.

However, those days were destroyed by Jiang Sese.

Looking up she closed her eyes and covered the hatred in them.

Jiang Sese caused harm to her, she will definitely pay it back twice!

Suddenly, the door to the conference room swung open.

Sensing movement, Li Xi pushed her thoughts aside as she stood up and looked to the open door.

She saw Jin Fengchen an
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