Chapter 1488 Planning For The Annual Meeting

Destroying the products caused losses of at least hundreds of millions. Bo Gelian’s subordinates did not understand his reasoning, but they also knew thay they could not ignore his orders.

They could only do as they were told.

The assistant looked up at Bo Gelian, hesitated, and then spoke carefully, "Sir, Madam... No, it's the Agnelli family, because you divorced Lisa, they have started to unilaterally end our cooperation."

After hearing this, Bo Gelian sneered coldly. "I married her at the beginning to get access to their production lines, but now the Agnelli family is nothing."

Having said that, he narrowed his eyes and whispered, "Immediately end all business related to the Agnelli family."

He may have needed the help of the Agnelli family before, but he did not need them anymore.

On the contrary, the Agnelli family lost him, and it will only decline.


The assistant left in a hurry with his orders.

The next day, after Bo Gelian had announced that he was stopping h
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