Chapter 159 Cross an Ocean for His Wife

Jin Fengyao was still wondering what it was about when Jin Fengchen said affirmatively, "You don't have to go. I'll go."

Jin Fengyao was dumbfounded.

"Brother, it's just a minor problem. I can handle it. You don't have to go."

Jin Fengyao wondered if his brother had just grown a heart and wanted to save him from the exhausting long flight abroad. As it turned out, he had gotten it completely wrong. The assistant pulled him to the side and told him the truth. "Second Young Master, Miss Jiang is on a business trip in New York."

Jin Fengyao saw the light right away and he beamed at his brother.

"That's great. Brother, I see that you've learned! Cross an ocean for your wife? You have my blessing!"

Jin Fengchen ignored his brother and only told his assistant to book him on the next flight to New York. Su Qingyin arrived outside the office to deliver some files at that moment and she overheard the conversation inside.

She paused. "Jin Fengchen is going abroad? For Jiang Sese?"

Su Qin
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