Chapter 160 Why Should She Care

Su Qingyin was right next to Jin Fengchen and she was equally surprised when she saw Jiang Sese. She couldn't help clenching her fists.

She didn't expect that Jin Fengchen would rush to Jiang Sese's hotel almost as soon as they got off the plane. "Does he really care about that woman so much?"

Before she realized it, Jin Fengchen was already walking toward Jiang Sese. Su Qingyin followed him in a hurry.

The four of them saw each other at the hotel entrance, and the sight of Jin Fengchen almost dazed Jiang Sese. "What's he doing here? Am I daydreaming? Why is Jin Fengchen in New York?"

Jiang Sese then snapped out of her initial disbelief and began to feel nervous and diffident.

However, when she saw Su Qingyin by his side, Jiang Sese asked involuntarily, "What are you doing here?"

Jin Fengchen replied, "I'm on a business trip."

His tone was indifferent and without any particular emotions, but Jiang Sese could sense it. The guy was vexed. As for why, Jiang Sese thought that she kn
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