Chapter 155 She's Just a Pretty Face

Xiaobao smiled when he heard that someone thought Jiang Sese was his mother, and he didn't deny it. Instead, he said proudly, "That's right! She's my mommy!"

Jiang Sese smiled but said nothing.

After saying goodbye to Jiang Sese, Xiaobao followed his teacher into the classroom.

Watching him from behind, Jiang Sese felt dazed for a moment. How she wished that Xiaobao was that baby she had given birth to!

Immediately, Jiang Sese was shocked by her own thought. She then smiled in resignation. "Of course Xiaobao isn't that baby. The Jin Family is too rich to turn to a surrogate mother for what they need."

After that, Jiang Sese began to wonder who Xiaobao's mother could be.

But she didn't let herself ponder the question for too long. She went directly to her office after that.


Su Shan publicly excoriated some of the staff during the morning meeting.

"Han Jing, how long have you had that project? Are you ever going to come up with a plausible business plan? SR already wants to
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