Chapter 1586 Special Candy

After reading the teacher's explanation in the chat group, Jiang Sese and Jin Fengchen also dispelled their doubts. It was just benefits given by the kindergarten, and it would be nice to have an additional physical examination anyway.

When it was time for the family to have dinner, everyone already knew that Tiantian needed to go for a physical examination, and they were all persuading her to eat more to replenish her health.

"Tiantian, beef is good for your health. It contains lots of iron for your blood. Let me feed you." Madam Jin took a piece of beef and put it in Tiantian’s bowl.

Tiantian just nodded her head obediently. She did not seem as happy as usual, but her little mouth did not stop and she just kept eating the meat and soup.

During the meal, she seemed like she wanted to speak. She kept glancing at Jin Fengchen, then silently closed her mouth.

Because she had been taking care of Tiantian’s meals, Jiang Sese naturally felt that something was off with her today and a
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