Chapter 1585 Invest In The Kindergarten

When Li Xi got up early the next morning, Jiang Cheng had already left.

She glanced at the white pills placed at the head of her bed, and the corners of her mouth began to curl upward.

‘Jiang Sese, Jin Fengchen, you will soon taste a fate more terrible than death…

‘Your child will need to live a long life,’ she thought bitterly in her heart.

Suddenly, she had an idea and she got up in a good mood to get dressed.

She called the driver and headed to the kindergarten.

"May I help you?" The security guard saw an unfamiliar face and stopped her.

Li Xi smiled at him politely. "My name is Li Xi, and I'm here to see the principal. I called ahead of time."

After a while, the principal came out and greeted her. "Miss Li."

After speaking, she turned her head and nodded to the security guard. Then, she gestured to Li Xi, "Miss Li, please come with me."

On the way to the principal’s office, Li Xi seemed very interested and looked around attentively.

The principal noticed this and took t
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