Chapter 1591 Three Consecutive Critical Hits

Gu Nian had been waiting for the Young Master in the car. He thought that the two of them would talk for a long time, but to his surprise, the Young Master came out in under twenty minutes.

He quickly got out of the car and greeted him, "Young Master."

Jin Fengchen nodded and they re-entered the car.

Gu Nian saw that his expression was still ugly. He did not know the outcome, so he asked, "Young Master, does this matter have anything to do with Li Xi?"

Jin Fengchen was silent, but his expression remained ugly.

Gu Nian was trained by Jin Fengchen himself. One look at his expression made him realize that Li Xi must have not admitted it.

However, who else could it be but her?

All signs pointed to her; no matter if it was the incident with the Young Mistress or the Little Miss, they were all connected to her.

However, the key piece of evidence was missing.

Could it be that there were other hands meddling in this? Who else could it be?

Gu Nian started the car, his expression unple
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