Chapter 1587 What Exactly Was This?

Li Xi stood in the corner and watched Tiantian get into the bus and leave. The constant smile on her face did not fade.

She just saw the doctor hand the candy to Tiantian, ​​and the silly child smiled joyfully while holding the candy.

She should have eaten it by now.

She imagined a child with dementia, drooling and slurring in her speech. With that image, Li Xi's heart grew happy.

It would be a huge blow for someone in the Jin family to develop dementia.

However, that was not the point. The point was how would the b*tch, Jiang Sese, react when she saw that her child had dementia?

Whatever she did would be futile. ‘Jiang Sese, just wait for your life to be ruined bit by bit.’

It was a pity that this was such a lively child.

Although this was what she hoped, Li Xi still felt a little worried.

She quickly took out her cell phone and called her subordinates. "Head to the kindergarten and watch that b*tch's kid. Report to me directly if there is anything unusual.”

The person on th
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