Chapter 1620 Are You Giving Me Favorable Treatment?

Mo Tingfeng pondered for a moment. He felt that Lisa's words were quite credible and said, "I will try to cut you a deal. However, you still have to pay the compound for the illegal drugs that your company produced. This is not a small sum."

"It's okay, I have the money. I am willing to pay!" Lisa responded excitedly.

She immediately told the truth. “Bo Gelian is very cautious. As long as it is a transaction for drugs, he keeps the invoice. As long as you can find the invoice, that would be equivalent to finding the evidence of his crime."

Upon hearing this, Mo Tingfeng's spirits lifted. "Where are the invoices?"

"He is hiding them in a castle manor abroad, where the security is very tight and generally impenetrable. However, there is a secret passage that leads directly to his room…"

Although Lisa mentioned everything in detail, Jin Fengchen was still very cautious. Bo Gelian was indeed dangerous, and Lisa was not a simple person either.

Mo Tingfeng was also doubtful and said, "
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Marie Nechols
lisa has more hatred towards Jiang sees than Bo.. I wouldn't have chosen to strike a deal with Lisa.

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