Chapter 1622 Came Well Prepared

Missus York looked at Jiang Sese. "I can see that Chairman Jin cares about you very much. You really are an enviable couple."

Although she was slightly teasing, it was in a friendly tone.

Jiang Sese smiled lightly; her eyes then fell on the sapphire necklace on her neck and complimented, "Is this the limited edition Eye of the Sea from the Y Country jewelry auction last year? It looks wonderful on you."

"That’s right, this was a gift from my spouse for our twentieth wedding anniversary."

The corners of Missus York’s lips could not help but curl into a smile when she mentioned this. It could be seen that she and York had a very good relationship.

“Mister York is really thoughtful. I liked it a lot too but was unable to win the bid. I heard that the bid was won by a mystery man getting it for his wife. It turns out that it ended up with you.”

Upon hearing this, Missus York apologized slightly. "I'm sorry, I didn't expect to deprive others of it."

"You mustn’t say that. Jewelry and
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