Chapter 184 Why Are You Here on This Blind Date

Xu Na didn't believe a word Jiang Sese said about her having no relationship with Jin Fengchen.

"You can't fool me, Sister Sese. I can tell how President Jin feels about you. He was so nervous when you fainted at the banquet last time and he even drove you here to work this morning. And you're telling me now it's not what I think? I mean, even if you don't like him, you can still choose Mr. Lu!"

Seeing that Jiang Sese would go on a blind date when there were two perfectly good men to choose from, Xu Na really wanted to beat some sense into her.

Jiang Sese gave her a wry smile, and then said in resignation, "I know they both are excellent men, but that doesn't make them mine."

Jiang Sese was convinced that Jin Fengchen didn't belong to her. As for Lu Zheng, she didn't want to give him any false hope either. She knew that she probably would never be able to reciprocate his feelings, which was why she would never use Lu Zheng as a replacement.

Seeing the look on Jiang Sese's face, Xu
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Fermie Cotterell Ramirez
how many coins is it going to take to finish this story? I could already have bought at least 3 books with as many times that I have bought coins. This is getting to be ridiculous.

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