Chapter 186 Are You Still Going with My Sister-In-Law

Back at the restaurant, the assistant watched as Jiang Sese and the other two left. His president's face had turned livid, but he had remained in his seat.

The assistant was baffled by his reaction. Even after Jiang Sese was gone, Jin Fengchen was still talking with the client.

The client had been on tenterhooks the whole time, fearing that he might say the wrong thing and offend Jin Fengchen.

After dinner, they left the restaurant and Jin Fengchen gave his assistant the instruction, "Go find out what that was about."

"Why did Jiang Sese go on a blind date all of a sudden? Was she forced?" Jing Fengchen found the whole thing very odd.

The assistant nodded, but he couldn't help asking, "Sir, aren't you going to talk to Miss Jiang?"

"Ask Jiang Sese, and all questions will be answered. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding!"

"Not now," said Jin Fengchen, pursing his lips.

The assistant was confused. "He obviously cares about it a lot. Why won't he ask her?" However, the grim look on
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