Chapter 194 Who's the Special Guest?

Inside the hotel, many guests were busy congratulating Grandpa Qin.

Jin Fengchen and his family were standing next to the old man. Qin Mulan scanned the venue and offered praise. "Dad, you have found the right event planner. The party is very well done!"

"That's right! It's really good, I'd say," Jin Fengyao chimed in.

Still, he couldn't help adding in his heart, "But it would be better if my sister-in-law did it."

Grandpa Qin laughed out loud at their compliments.

"You will find out later."

The Su Family soon arrived. Su Qingyin was dressed so delicately that she resembled a princess. She looked graceful and dignified.

After making her greetings with her parents, she said, "Happy Birthday, Grandpa Qin. May your happiness be as immense as the sea. Please live a long, prosperous life."

"Thank you, Qingyin. You have gotten even prettier in the few years since I've seen you," Grandpa Qin said, smiling.

Su Qingyin laughed and said gracefully, "You still look the same, Grandpa! It
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