Chapter 185 Difficulties She Can't Mention

Jin Fengchen was here to meet a client, and he went straight to the reserved table after he walked in. He didn't see Jiang Sese, but his sharp-eyed assistant did.

"Sir, isn't that Miss Jiang over there?"

Jin Fengchen looked in that direction and was surprised to find the familiar figure. He then saw that Jiang Sese wasn't alone, but had a man sitting opposite her. The two of them were chatting in a cheerful mood. Jin Fengchen wondered what it was about.

He frowned, and then asked in his mellow voice, "Who's that man?"

The assistant shook his head and then asked, "Sir, shall I ask around?"

After some thought, Jin Fengchen nodded.

The client Jin Fengchen was meeting arrived shortly after his assistant left. Throughout their dinner, Jin Fengchen kept darting glances at Jiang Sese. He recognized the woman next to her as her assistant and thought that Jiang Sese was here to meet a client.

However, on second thought, he realized that Jiang Sese had only just recovered and there was no
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