Chapter 188 Why Are You Here?

"Don't get so preoccupied that you ruin your health. You haven't eaten, have you?" Lu Zheng's concerned voice continued to enter her ears.

"Yep… I got it. Thank you, Senior. I will go home once I get this done."

Jiang Sese hung up the phone and picked up the pace in settling the issues in her proposal.

It was almost 11 p.m. by the time she was all packed up and ready to go home. She was feeling a little light-headed and unwell. Perhaps it was because she was so busy the entire day that she hadn't eaten until now.

When she got downstairs, she saw a black car waiting outside. Moonlight fell on a man dressed in a black suit leaning against the vehicle. He had his back toward her, preventing her from getting a look at his face.

The man had a similar physique to Jin Fengchen. For a moment, she thought it was him.

It wasn't until she approached the man that she realized it was Lu Zheng.

Disappointment inexplicably filled her heart. She couldn't help berating herself for failing to let
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